INNOVATION: Lightning Talks, Startup Pitches & Demos

INNOVATION: Lightning Talks, Startup Pitches & Demos

Lightning Talks, Startup Pitches & Demos (5 Min Each)


  • Why Innovation Labs Fail
    Many people misunderstand the purpose of an innovation lab, thinking it is merely a test kitchen where success and failure is self-evident. This misperception is the reason so many innovation labs fail. Leaders shouldn’t be focusing on the physical output of the lab; its true ROI is in the people driving the testing, the products being tested, and the testing process itself. Innovation labs can be used to solve everyday business problems, not just far-out imaginations, and successes are often small discoveries that serve your business along the way. Maximizing the value of an innovation lab requires leaders to: 1) ensure the right people are in place with the mindset that their primary purpose is testing and discovery, 2) strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals to produce an immediate, tangible impact, and 3) measure, measure, measure to promote accountability and future investment.
    Presenter: Justin Tobin, Founder & President,
  • Video Marketing: Where Software Meets Storytelling
    Video will soon be the dominant medium for creative expression, marketing and communications. Hear valuable tips on elevating your brand through video, with inspiring examples from the best of the Vimeo community. From creative conception and video production to lead generation, conversion and analytics, this lightning talk will demo powerful marketing tools to bring your brand’s story to life.
    Presenter: Anjali Sud, General Manager, Creator Platform, Vimeo

  • Interactive Branded Content
    Should branded content be interactive? If one wants to up the level of user engagement the answer is obvious. Is there a possibility of aggravating the viewer with unnecessary gimmicks? Definitely.
    There’s a reason people want to watch a movie laid back on the couch, absorbed in the story, not willing to lift a finger. On the other end of the spectrum there is a big percent of gamers skipping video intros to get straight to the gameplay, not willing to waste time on character development. Interactive branded content has to consider both of these scenarios and provide the story and form that would be interesting to watch and simultaneously interact with. Let’s see if there’s a way to achieve that.
    Presenter: Misha Koroteev, Creative Director, VGNC

  • Presentation Title TBA
    Brian Adams, CEO & Co-Founder, MightyTV

  • Making Your Way Home with Kin
    Presenter: Michael Wayne, CEO & Co-Founder, Kin Community